Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fire Escape

micron marker, micron pen and prismacolor marker

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sit on my fire escape, right outside the living room window that opens up to it. When my neighbors are out and about I enjoy watching them come and go, sometimes giving a whistle and a wave if I'm feeling social. What I like more so, though, is letting my brain have it's tangential way through my day and, with enough time, life. I've reached many moments of clarity and inspiration while in that spot. What you see above is the result of one such session.

I didn't take the time to test makers and make a proper palette, and as a result I feel it's a bit haphazard. I do like, however, that I managed to stay loose and take a few hours to explore the page with different colors and size pens. Starting with marker and blocking in color, I was able to experiment with building the volume of the tree's leaves and creating depth. As a study, I really like it, and imagine I'll revisit this composition, this time with a stricter palette and taking greater care to compose the page.

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