Tuesday, July 19, 2011


sketch I did of the main character on my way home
micron on paper, digital color

Last night I went to see the premier of "Bellflower" at the SVA theater in Chelsea. I was very curious about the film having stumbled upon the trailer last week:

Described as a fusion of John Hughes and Mad Max, the film got a lot of positive attention from its run at Sundance, and I have to say deservedly so. Not only were 2 out of the 3 cameras used to shoot the film built by the director himself, he also built the car, the flamethrower, wrote the screenplay, starred in it, and it's his feature film debut. Also, the movie was made for around $17,000. Working full-time in an indie studio myself, it is really encouraging to see a movie made on a such a small budget, but not only that, one that can hold it's own with movies with ten times that budget.

In a Q&A with the writer/director/star, Evan Glodell, he spoke about how much of the film was a community effort. People pitched in cash as they had it, as Evan built the cameras on the empty floorspace of whatever living room/extra bedroom he was staying it at the time. Scraping by over the 3+ years it took to complete the film, he has emerged as a sought-after filmmaker and getting a lot of buzz. I am so refreshed and proud to see super low budget indie making a splash.

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