Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colored Doors

I've been considering starting a painting project involving different doors. My idea was to do a painting of my bathroom door from the point of view of sitting on the toilet. Now, as promising as that sounds, my brain came to a screaming halt. Well, more of a turn.

Before I know it, I'm considering portraiture - a life-size portrait of a boxer friend of mine, larger-than-life busts. Considering people I know, and doing it large scale. I drew this last night to feel out the idea:

My buddy "Champ Spear". This boy will give you the workout of your LIFE - which feels like he loves you and is trying to kill you all at once. One of my favorite people.

So then there's tonight. Two painting projects that have me inspired, an animated short that I love, and then my day job which I treasure. Not enough hours in the day.

So then there I am, back on the toilet, thinking about my day and what kind of creative energy I can muster for which project, and then boom! idea. Right there: I like the door because it is yellow and, come to think of it, the only other door I can imagine painting right now is the one at the Double Down Saloon, and THAT DOOR is almost all red. That's it - I'll do a color story! Wish me luck.