Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Subway Shuffle

I've been thinking about a new idea for a short film, tentatively titled, "The Subway Shuffle". The weather has been crap so I'm on the subway more than usual, and I'm inspired to pay a little homage.
So here are my first concept drawings - sketches for the setting - simple one angle cross-section of a subway car. Thinking about what details to put in, what to leave out. Also some sketches of candidates for the cast of NYC "characters".

Definitely want to get a bad-ass metal head in there. I'll probably give him pupils, since I want him to be lovable like all of my favorite metal friends - but undeniably he looks waaayyy cooler (but meaner) without them.
As for this guy - have to have some grimy dude coming through looking for change. All politics aside - just need a cup-shaking-kind-of-guy.

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