Tuesday, January 4, 2011


brown micron on paper, from photo reference

These go back to the Fall, but I really wanted to include them. The story is, I had a nasty leg abscess that left me with three puncture-wound/bullet hole looking scars on my right leg. Once I was healed and, you know, we could all laugh about it, I was getting all sorts of suggestions for story "embellishments" to explain how I got the scars. My favorite is from my friend Michelle who said that I should say I was attacked by a rabid koala. "Brilliant!" I thought. That set off a series of koala drawings, none of which really became the ferocious one she had in mind. In fact, the closest I got was a zombie koala, and... well... the unamused one you find below. Enjoy.

pencil on paper; initial sketch

Photoshop; my first color attempt
Before I knew it, the color was going in the wrong direction. The application was too tight on the tree for my taste, and the blue was no longer "doing it for me."

Photoshop; final color
I may add some more shadows to the koala and tree to give it the look up being under a "canopy", but we'll see...

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